Baltimore’s time as favourite didn’t last long. Patrick Mahomes led Kansas City to a big NFL Week 3 win to become the team to beat in the Super Bowl LV market.

Bills Scrape Home

The Buffalo Bills blew a 25-point lead in Week 3 but managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Once 28-3 in front, 29 unanswered points by the Los Angeles Rams saw the Bills go 32-35 behind with 4:30 to play in the 4th quarter.

But Josh Allen fell back into the groove to lead the Bills up the field. Travelling 75 yards in 11 plays, he found Tyler Kroft for the game-winner with 15 seconds left. However, it came after a questionable pass interference call. One that has created plenty of controversy and put a dampener on an otherwise exciting game.

Wow, Wilson. Wow.

Russell Wilson threw five touchdown passes and for 315 yards in a match-winning performance that went down to the wire as the Seattle Seahawks snuck past the Dallas Cowboys 38-31.

Now 3-0, the Seahawks are on a promising path from a record perspective. Conceding 25, 30 and 31 points in the first three weeks is something they need to fix, though. Wilson is incredible. He will win Seattle games on his own. However, their $11 to win Super Bowl LV requires caution with their defence not looking up to standard just yet.

Despite becoming just the second quarterback in NFL history to throw for 450 yards in back-to-back games, Dak Prescott couldn’t quite get the Cowboys over the line. Are they too pass-heavy? Ezekiel Elliott only managed 34 yards on 14 carries in this one.

Chiefs Leap Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens ended Week 2 as Super Bowl LV favourites at $5.50.

However, their 34-20 Monday Night Football loss to the Kansas City Chiefs has caused a reshuffle in the market.

Another Patrick Mahomes masterclass has seen Kansas City’s price drop from $6 to $4.50 this week while the Ravens remain at $5.50.

Mahomes is on another level right now. Physically and mentally, he’s dominating the game. With the team around him improving and only going to get better as the season goes on, this $4.50 might be as good as it gets for the Chiefs. Other than Lamar Jackson and the Ravens, there isn’t a clear cut contender.

Ravens$5.50. Seahawks$11, Saints $15, Packers$15, Steelers$15, Bucaneers$15, 49ers$17, Patriots$19

Game Saver Moment Of The Round: Falcons Crumble (Again)

We’re here again with you, Atlanta Falcons? Really?

While it’s not going to be remembered quite like their collapse last week, the Falcons blowing a 26-10 3rd quarter lead to the Chicago Bears who benched their quarterback is hardly much better.

Mitchell Trubisky struggled for 128 yards on 22 attempts along with a touchdown and interception. Matt Nagy had seen enough through 2.5 quarters and installed Nick Foles into the offence. It wasn’t instant impact, but once he got going, Foles dragged the Bears home. He manufactured three touchdown drives in the 4th quarter and could have had a fourth if not for a simultaneous possession score being overturned after review.

Eventually connecting with Anthony Miller for the game-winning touchdown with 1:53 to play, the Bears completed the comeback to win 30-26 and move to 3-0 for the season.

As expected, Foles is now Chicago’s starting quarterback.

NFL Against The Spread Standings

The Green Bay Packers are alongside the Seahawks at 3-0 against the spread following their 37-30 win over the New Orleans Saints. Amongst a small group without a cover so far, the Dallas Cowboys are in a worrying position at 1-2 straight up. They’re under pressure to not only beat the Cleveland Browns as $1.43 favourites in Week 3, but to beat them comfortably to clear the -4.5 line.

After Week 3

Top 16
Bottom 16
Seahawks (3-0)Patriots (2-1)
Packers (3-0)Bills (2-1)
Ravens (2-1)Chiefs (2-1)
49ers (2-1)Falcons (1-2)
Rams (2-1)Panthers (1-2)
Cardinals (2-1)Saints (1-2)
Buccaneers (2-1)Vikings (1-2)
Bears (2-1)Lions (1-2)
Broncos (2-1)Giants (1-2)
Chargers (2-1)Washington (1-2)
Raiders (2-1)Browns (1-2)
Jaguars (2-1)Eagles (0-3)
Colts (2-1)Cowboys (0-3)
Bengals (2-1)Texans (0-3)
Steelers (2-1)Titans (0-3)
Dolphins (2-1)Jets (0-3)