The NFL season is over with Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers crowned Super Bowl Champions. That all sounds very familiar…

Brady Does It Again

“If you want to know the road ahead find someone who’s been there. We found someone who’s been to 10 and won 7 Super Bowls – Tom Brady.”

Tom Brady has a 7th Super Bowl ring and a fifth Super Bowl MVP award.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers dominated the Kansas City Chiefs on their way to a convincing 31-9 win. Penalties cost the Chiefs in the first half with their eight before the halftime show the most in Super Bowl history. From there, Patrick Mahomes wasn’t given a chance to unleash an offensive barrage as the Bucs defence took away his best targets and harassed him from start to finish.

Mahomes was pressured on 29/56 dropbacks – the most in Super Bowl history. To put that stat and the overall game into perspective, Brady’s 4/30 is the lowest of his Super Bowl career.

Scramble, scramble, scramble. That’s all the Buccaneers allowed Mahomes to do.

As a result, this match marks the first time a Mahomes-led offence has ever failed to score a touchdown. That includes his college career.

Brady walked away as the official MVP, but it’s his defence that really deserves recognition. Lavonte David, in particular. He kept a lid on Travis Kelce – something few have been able to do all season.

While the Buccaneers have finally tasted glory and Brady adds to his legacy, this isn’t the end. Brady made that much clear in his post-game speech. He will be back, and the Buccaneers can’t be written off as potential back-to-back NFL champions either.

GOAT Recognise GOAT

LeBron James is the current favourite for the MVP and knows a thing or two about being at the top of his game despite the candles piling up on his birthday cake.

Super Bowl LVI

It’s been an incredible season. One like no other. But as one ends, we start to look forward to the next.

Mark February 6th (7th AEDT) in the calendar. Inglewood, California plays host to Super Bowl LVI.

Despite their Super Bowl LV defeat, the Chiefs will no doubt be among the favourites to take it out next year. Their loss on Monday defines this season. However, it’s still worth remembering the Chiefs as arguably the best team in the league in 2020-21.

The Green Bay Packers will be in the conversation too. Fresh of another Most Valuable Player award, Aaron Rodgers knows time is running out to add another ring to his collection.

Meanwhile, we know now, better than ever, to keep Tom Brady and the Buccaneers in the conversation.

The off-season is long. One positive: the NFL is talking about adding another regular season game to the schedule. So, this off-season might not be so long. But it’s all about the NFL Draft until then where the Jacksonville Jaguars are $1.01 favourites to select Trevor Lawrence with the number one overall pick.