The Cleveland Browns are the NFL’s Cinderella story at the moment and punters are buying in on a Super Bowl-winning fairytale.

It has been quite the ride for Cleveland Browns fans over the last three seasons.

Baker Mayfield was drafted in as the saviour and the man to drag the Browns into the playoffs in 2018 – nope.

Adding Odell Beckham Jr. would surely see them clear the hurdle in 2019…nope.

Finally, after 17 years without a post-season appearance, the Browns suited up against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2020 NFL Wild Card Round. Remarkably, they ended another drought: 18 years had passed since the Browns last won in Pittsburgh. But an ambush to start sealed the 48-37 win to book a spot in the Divisional Round against the Kanas City Chiefs ($1.18/-10).

The Markets

With just eight teams remaining and facing the $3 favourites to win Super Bowl LV, the Browns are still on the eighth line of betting to win it all at $26. They have, however, shortened from $41 last week and $46 the week prior.

Hope is building in Cleveland.

Expectations are building for punters.

The drought is over and the money is flooding in. The Browns have taken on two big bets since their surprise win over the Steelers: $3,000 and $2,000 at $21.

Browns: NFL Super Bowl LV Chances

For the Browns winning Super Bowl LV: We can dream, can’t we? Who doesn’t love a Cinderella story? If the Browns manage to extend their 2020-21 NFL season for another week and all the way to the finale, it’s unlikely to be pretty. This week, especially. Cleveland’s defence will need to be the key. The turnover battle is particularly important. The Browns are 11-0 when winning or tieing the turnover battle. It’s their only chance at upsetting the Chiefs this week. They’re not winning a shootout against Patrick Mahomes.

Against the Browns winning Super Bowl LV: While playing well and without fear to threaten as genuine giant killers, the Browns are coming up against the biggest of the lot. The Kanas City Chiefs have made it look easy at times this year. Patrick Mahomes is dominating the NFL like few others ever have. If not for a relaxed finish to the season and a firey Aaron Rodgers, Mahomes would be a clear favourite for the Most Valuable Player award. Cleveland’s $4.90 this week says enough. The dream is likely to end on Monday morning (AEDT).

Super Bowl LV Prediction: The Chiefs are too good: lock them in. Rodgers is on fire: lock him and the Green Bay Packers in there too. So, who takes the chocolates? Kansas City’s price is drifting, but so has their focus. They’ve looked like they’re doing the bare minimum at times. They’ve only lost once (without Mahomes) since the beginning of November yet haven’t won by double-digits since beating the New York Jets 35-9 in Week 8. Kansas City has another gear or two left in them. Chiefs to beat the Packers in Super Bowl LV at $7 is the play.