Sports writer, ANDREW MCENALLAY dissects this weekend’s UFC action. Check out his UFC tips and preview for all six main card fights, including the main event between Colby “Chaos” Covington and “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler.

UFC Tips & Preview – Colby Covington v Robbie Lawler

06:15 (AEDT), Sunday 4th August @ Prudential Center, New Jersey

Career records: 

  • Covington 14-1-0 (2 by KO & 5 by submission)
  • Lawler 28-13-0 1NC (20 by KO & 1 by submission)

Last bouts: 

  • Covington def Dos Anjos – Decision
  • Lawler def by Askren – Rd 1 submission

Analysis: As far as villains in the UFC, there is none greater than Colby Covington. While he may not be a mastermind at the art of verbal warfare like other fighters on the roster, Covington has still managed to make a name for himself as a notoriously unpopular trash talker. On the other hand, Robbie Lawler is one of the most respected fighters in the UFC who will retire with legendary status for his part in some of the greatest fights of all time.

With the odds stacked against him following three losses from his last four fights and being at the back end of his career, a win here would do wonders for his legacy. While he is the $2.81 outsider, he does have wins over higher calibre fighters in comparison to his opponent and stylistically is a great match up for Covington. Possessing great takedown defence with an ability to cause plenty of damage, Lawler has the means for an upset victory if he can keep the pace with his younger opponent.

For Covington, not much needs to change from his previous fights. While matching up against Lawler is dangerous, Covington should be able to use his youth to his advantage and grapple and grind his way to a win.

Tip: Covington by points @ $2.20

UFC Tips & Preview – Jim Miller v Clay Guida

06:00 (AEDT), Sunday 4th August @ Prudential Center, New Jersey

Career records: 

  • Miller 30-13-0 1NC (4 by KO & 16 by submission)
  • Guida 35-18-0 (7 by KO & 13 by submission)

Last bouts: 

  • Miller def Gonzalez – Rd 1 submission
  • Guida def Penn – Decision

Analysis: For the co-main event, two battle hardened veterans will face off for the very first time. As far as seasoned campaigners come, you’d struggle to find two fighters with more experience. Both men have amassed impressive records and created a solid legacy within the UFC due to their action heavy styles.

While Miller is the $1.57 favourite, Guida possesses a wider range of tricks to get the job done. Miller’s style is almost purely wrestling focused as is evident through his latest victories over Gonzalez and White. On the other hand, Guida still has quick hands and can defend the takedown effectively which should Negate Miller’s biggest strength.

For the co-main, expect Guida to cause an upset.

Tip: Guida to win @$2.42

UFC Tips & Preview – Joaquim Silva v Nasrat Haqparast

05:45 (AEDT), Sunday 14th August @ Prudential Center, New Jersey

Career records: 

  • Silva 11-1-0 (6 by KO/TKO & 3 by submission)
  • Haqparast 10-2-0 (8 by KO/TKO)

Last bouts: 

  • Silva def Gordon – Rd 3 KO
  • Haqparast def Gouti – Decision

Analysis: Silva v Haqparast will undoubtedly be a high octane, action packed fight as the two Lightweights face off at UFC on ESPN 5. With both fighters already coming off impressive victories, a win here would open up plenty of doors for their respective careers.

Silva is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and that will be the key to victory against an opponent with lightning quick hands. While he is an incredibly powerful striker, look for him to mix up power punches and then take this fight to the ground.

Although he is entering the octagon as a $3.03 outsider, Silva should prove too well rounded for his favoured opponent.

Tip: Silva to win @ $3.03

UFC Tips & Preview – Trevin Giles v Gerald Meerschaert

05:30 (AEDT), Sunday 4th August @ Prudential Center, New Jersey

Career records: 

  • Giles 11-1-0 (5 by KO/TKO & 5 by submission)
  • Meerschaert 28-11-0 (6 by KO/TKO & 20 by submission)

Last bouts: 

  • Giles def by Cummings – Rd 3 submission
  • Meerschaert def by Holland – Decision

Analysis: Two fighters who find themselves at different stages of their careers will face off coming off losses. While Giles is an exciting Middleweight prospect, Meerschaert is a battle hardened veteran of 39 professional fights.

Stylistically, this is a very exciting match up for fight fans with both fighters being skilled wrestlers with impressive durability. Although Giles got submitted in his previous outing, he was the more dominant fighter and is favoured for victory at UFC on ESPN 5 as the $1.57 favourite

While Meerschaert has 20 submissions to his name, Giles should be able to negate this with a ground game of his own.

Tip: Giles to win @ $1.57

UFC Tips & Preview – Scott Holtzman v Dong Hyun Ma

05:30 (AEDT), Sunday 4th August @ Prudential Center, New Jersey

Career records: 

  • Holtzman 12-3-0 (4 by KO/TKO & 2 by submission)
  • Hyun Ma 16-9-3 (6 by KO/TKO & 6 by submission)

Last bouts: 

  • Holtzman def by Lentz – Decision
  • Hyun Ma def by Smith – Rd 1 TKO

Analysis: With Hyun Ma fresh off a Rd 1 TKO loss in his last fight against Devonte Smith at UFC 234, Holtzman should feel in the drivers seat for a KO victory if he can keep the pressure on. Although Holtzman also loss in his previous bout, he was riding a three fight winning streak beforehand where he did plenty to impress.

Most notably was his performance against Alan Patrick where he was awarded with a Rd 3 KO victory. Holtzman will try to keep the same recipe and stay active with plenty of power shots to get the KO.

Tip: Scott Holtzman by KO/TKO @ $2.50

UFC Tips & Preview – Darko Stošić v Kennedy Nzechukwu

05:00 (AEDT), Sunday 4th August @ Prudential Center, New Jersey

Career records: 

  • Stošić 13-2-0 (8 by KO & 1 by submission)
  • Nzechukwu 6-1-0 (4 by KO/TKO)

Last bouts: 

  • Stošić def by Clark – Decision
  • Nzechukwu def by Craig – Rd 3 submission

Analysis: Two knockout artists will face off to kick off the main card at UFC on ESPN 5. For Nzechukwu, he will need to rely on the reach advantage to keep his stockier opponent at bay. Expect Nzechukwu to lean heavily on the jab and avoid trading blows on the inside.

With 8 KO’s to his name, Stošić will enter the octagon as the slight $1.76 favourite. Although he gives away a distinct size advantage, Stošić has the tools to get the job done.

Tip: Stošić to win @ $1.76