He’s the WBO Welterweight champion of the world, but Jeff Horn is a massive underdog heading into this fight with Terence Crawford on Sunday morning.

Jeff Horn (18-0-1) became a household name around Australia when he beat Manny Pacquiao this time last year. As controversial as the result was, it put Horn on the path to this weekends title fight with Terence Crawford (32-0).

This is where Horn can make a name for himself worldwide.

Crawford might not have the name recognition of Pacquiao down under, but he’s one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world at the moment. He already has titles in the lightweight and light welterweight divisions, and now he has Horn’s WBO welterweight belt in his sights.

The former Brisbane school teacher his facing his toughest test against one of boxing’s best on Sunday.

Undefeated in 32 fights, Crawford is a heavy $1.18 favourite to win and continue his rise to stardom in the boxing world.

Unlike Pacquiao, Crawford is in the prime of his career.

The 30-year-old is a much more talented fighter than Horn and technically superior. Boxing is known as the ‘sweet science’ because of guys like Crawford. He’s calm, precise, is an elite ring technician, and can either pick an opponent apart or knock him to the canvas.

Crawford can do it all.

That’s where the problems lie for Horn.

He’s limited to getting himself into brawls. In this case against Crawford, he will rely on his extra size to even get close to pulling off the upset win ($4.80). He has strong legs, has shown he can take a punch, and he has plenty of faith in his right hand. It’s enough to make sure Crawford doesn’t take him lightly.

It’s not a fight the Aussie is likely to win should it go to the judges ($13). It will either come to him early or pass him by entirely.

If Horn doesn’t put Crawford on the canvas – or at least get a decent shot in – throughout the early rounds, the American will chip away at him all night.

Fight Prediction

It’s not a case whether or not Crawford will win, it’s how.

At just $1.67 to win by KO/TKO, the expectation is Crawford stops this fight before it gets to the judges ($3.10).

His combinations come quick and end fights in a flash. There’s a good chance Horn finds himself on the end of one early and if that doesn’t put him down, the next flurry of punches that will come soon after surely will.

Horn is durable and can eat a few punches; that will buy him a couple rounds. Crawford’s 10-month’s spent outside the ring ahead of this fight will have an impact on the early rounds too.

It’s in rounds 1-6 where Horn might have a tiny window to work with and find a win ($14).

If he can’t come out strong to start and put some doubt into Crawford’s mind, it’s over.

Crawford will work Horn, force him to chase the fight, and as a result, knockout chances will arise. Undefeated and with 23 KO’s to his name already, Crawford won’t need many of those chances before Horn is seeing stars.

Tip: Terence Crawford to win – Rounds 7-12 @ $2.50