The Utah Jazz are the best team in the NBA but don’t seem to be getting the respect they deserve. The Nets, meanwhile, are the talk of the town.

Nets Keep Shortening

The Brooklyn Nets were at $4.60 to win the NBA Championship at this time last week.

By Wednesday, they were into $4.20.

Now, following eight wins on the bounce (they lost to the Mavericks without Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving), the Nets are on the second line of betting to win the championship at $4.

The offence is firing as everybody knew it would. Their 119.8 offensive rating remains the best in the NBA, ahead of the Jazz (119.7), Bucks (119.5) and Clippers (119.5). Without the ball, the Nets have played with the 19th-best defensive rating over the last two weeks. While 19th doesn’t sound like a championship-calibre defence, it’s a vast improvement on their early-season numbers.

This Nets team are now considerable favourites to win the Eastern Conference ($2.40). From there, you would be brave to bet against them in a seven-game Finals series.

LeJulius and the New York Knicks

Julius Randle is producing career-best numbers right now.

His 23.4 points, 11.0 rebounds and 5.5 assists per game are all career-highs. He’s a genuine triple-double threat every night and is already just one game away from setting a New York Knicks record for 25/10/5 games in a single season.

As a result of Randle’s stellar play, the Knicks are 17-17 for 5th in the East.

The Knicks! 5th!

They’re ahead of the highly-fancied Boston Celtics, NBA Finals-appearing Miami Heat and are equal with the Toronto Raptors. The early-season run was fun. Few thought it could possibly last this long. Now, the Knicks are at an appealing $2.56 to make the playoffs.

LeBron as a Fav

It’s not often than a LeBron James team enters a game as an underdog. Before the Los Angeles Lakers faced off against the Utah Jazz as +8.5 dogs, it had only happened eight times in the last two seasons.

Unsurprisingly, James has come up with the goods when given the headstart. He loves a challenge and being doubted only fuels him more. However, it wasn’t enough to cover the spread against the Jazz who ran out 114-89 winners during the week. The straight-up loss marked four in a row for the Lakers. Anthony Davis’ injury and the difficulties that come during the season’s middling stages have derailed them somewhat. A 102-93 win over the Portland Trail Blazers to end the losing streak may be enough to get the purple and gold back on track, though.

Championship Market Update: Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz are 27-7 and the best team in the NBA right now. Still, they’re out on the third line of betting to win the Western Conference ($5) and win the NBA Finals ($8.50).

Is that a bit disrespectful for a team dominating the league roughly halfway through the year?

The Brooklyn Nets are incredible on the offensive end – we’ve covered that already. Also mentioned in brief: the Jazz are just 0.1 points per 100 possessions behind the Nets to be 2nd in the NBA in offensive rating. They’re dominating in transition and connecting on 39.6% of their NBA-high 42.8 three-point attempts per game.

We’ve all heard “defence wins championships” before. Well, the Jazz are 2nd in defensive rating as well. Rudy Gobert is a $1.45 favourite to win the Defensive Player of the Year. Around him, the team dominate with the ball in hand and play their part defensively.

The Jazz are a well-rounded team. They’re sneakily experienced as well. $8.50 to win the Finals is a gift at this point.

NBA Against The Spread Standings

No matter how well they continue to play, the Jazz still presents value against the spread. So too do the Clippers, who are quietly 20-15 ATS while sitting 2nd in the West overall.

After Week 10

Top 10
Bottom 10
Jazz (25-9)Magic (15-19)
Suns (21-11)Mavericks (14-18)
Clippers (20-15)Pacers (14-18)
Knicks (19-15)Heats (14-18-1)
Bulls (18-13-1)Nuggets (14-19)
Thunder (18-15-1)Timberwolves (14-19-1)
Warriors (18-16)Pelicans (14-19)
Nets (18-17)Kings (14-19)
Spurs (17-12)Cavaliers (13-21)
Hornets (17-14-1)Rockets (11-20)