Will the 2018-19 NBA season last just 48 minutes longer? The Raptors are in control and a chance at raising the trophy at home in Game 5.

Raptors In The Box Seat

The 2018-19 NBA season will be all over this time next week.

It may be over in 48 minutes if the Raptors take the chocolates on Tuesday.

With a 3-1 series lead ahead on Game 5 in Toronto, the Raptors are in fine position to pull off an almighty upset. They dominated Game 4 in Golden State using the Warriors’ usual quarter of dominance against them. Winning the 3rd quarter 37-21, the Raptors pulled in front and wouldn’t be run down.

Typically brilliant, Kawhi Leonard finished the game with 36 points on 11-22 shooting while also adding 12 rebounds, two assists and four steals.

The Warriors sat around the $1.50 mark in the NBA Championship market all season.

They’re now out to $5.50 win the series from here.

Kevin Durant Update

He’s not played for over a month now, but there’s still hope that Kevin Durant can come back and dig the Warriors out of this 3-1 hole.

Cleared to practice a day before Game 5, reports suggest Durant didn’t spend a lot of time on the court.

Was it long enough to sign-off on his availability for a must-win game?

Is it all the time Warriors doctors needed to rule him out?

He’s since been listed as questionable.

NBA Championship Odds

Not many people tipped Game 5 being must-win for the Warriors, but here we are.

With the Warriors as $2.06 and +1.5 Underdogs, the odds-makers have the NBA season ending on Tuesday. Whether Durant plays or not remains to be seen, but the Raptors will be sure to test out his calf and are always strong at home.

Expect the Raptors to come out flying. They’re not going to want to risk going back to Golden State for Game 6. At $1.91 to win the first quarter, there’s a good opportunity for Toronto punters to get on the board early.

Should the Raptors not find the win in Game 5, there are a few options in the Correct Score markets.

They’re at $6.20 to win the championship in Game 6 and $6.15 to need seven games. Meanwhile, for those anticipating a Warriors comeback and Game 7 win in Toronto, the defending NBA champions are $5.35 to win 4-3.

As for the NBA Finals MVP, Leonard has the award all but wrapped up at $1.16. Should the Warriors pull off the comeback, it will be behind Steph Curry. His $5.60 to win the Finals MVP is worth a look for the optimists.