The 2018-19 NBA season is over and it was one of the greats. That hasn’t stopped basketball punters from looking ahead to next season, though.


The 2018-19 NBA season, in fact, was not “over” in October 2018.

With their 114-110 win in Game 6, the Toronto Raptors secured their first NBA title.

Anything can happen and despite being labelled one of the best teams in NBA history, nothing is ever certain in the world of professional sports. The Warriors sacrificed depth for superstars, and in the end, it cost them big time.

As the most impressive and consistent team throughout the season, no team deserved the championship more than the Raptors. Sure, there is an element of luck involved. It’s obviously a different series if Kevin Durant is healthy, and Game 6 is different again if Klay Thompson doesn’t limp off.

However, fortune favours the brave. The Raptors went all-in on Kawhi Leonard this year and ended up lifting the trophy.

Can they go back-to-back?

Reports suggest an inebriated Leonard has told Raptors team-mates he’s coming back for more. That may change when he sobers up, though. Right now, the Raptors are at $7 to go back-to-back.

Anthony Davis In Purple & Gold

In typical Lakers fashion, they’ve stolen the headlines.

Anthony Davis is all but locked in to playing for the Lakers next season.

The deal hasn’t been made official yet. That won’t happen until July 6th or maybe even as late as July 30th, but it’s happening.

LeBron James has his superstar teammate and will more than likely have another one join him over the summer.

Kemba Walker is a free agent and somebody the Lakers will talk with. Jimmy Butler is another that is being rumoured as a possible target. If Leonard doesn’t re-sign in Toronto, he will definitely be LA’s number one priority. Kyrie Irving might be the most interesting, though.

The drama is what makes the NBA so great. Irving linking up with James in Los Angeles would make for one of the most talked-about stories in the history of the league.

Make it happen, Lakers.

2019-20 NBA Championship Odds

With news breaking of Davis’ trade to the Lakers, they’ve been installed as favourites for the 2019-20 NBA championship at $4.40. James will need another superstar and a couple of ring-hungry veterans to finish off the squad, but it’s looking good to start.

After losing in the Eastern Conference Finals this season, the Bucks are the shortest priced team in the East at $6.50. Some of that might have to do with the uncertainty around Leonard’s signature. If he re-signs, the Raptors won’t stay at $7 for long.

With Kevin Durant no certainty to remain in Golden State and with Klay Thompson missing most of the season with a torn ACL, the Warriors have blown out to $8.50. It’s ‘dynasty over’ according to the odds-makers.

Unfortunately for the Rockets, they won’t be able to saunter to the top of the West quite so easily in the wake of the Warriors’ expected demise. Not with what the Lakers are doing. Instead, they’ve put everybody on the trade block and sit at $8.50 to win the championship.

Other Odds: 76ers – $10, Clippers – $12, Celtics – $15, Nuggets – $18, Knicks, Nets and Thunder – $21.