The NBA playoffs continue and by this time next week, the Conference Finals matchups will be locked in. Most teams are still a chance, but the Raptors are looking the most vulnerable.

Bad Beat For Unders Punters

Anybody on the Unders at 222.5 points in Game 2 of the Warriors/Rockets series will have been counting their winnings with two minutes to play.

With the scores at 106-96 (202 total), the Warriors looked good to wind down the clock to see the total fall well below the 222.5 points.

Then the Rockets hit a bucket.

Then they hit another.

And another.

All of sudden, it was 113-107 with five seconds left. Steph Curry then turned the ball over, James Harden completes the dunk for 113-109 with three seconds left.

It’s a two-possession game with three seconds left. Surely the clock is allowed to run out for Unders punters to creep in by .5 of a point.

Not today. Harden instead sent Kevin Durant to the line to hit two free throws for 115-109 (224 total) and put a dagger through the hearts of Under punters who thought they had paid for dinner already.

Warriors Shorten

There was a time last week the Warriors could be taken at $1.70 to win the NBA Championship.

Those days are gone.

Even with the loss in Game 3 the Warriors have shortened to $1.50.

They spent much of the NBA regular season at $1.45 before an injury to Demarcus Cousins saw the price float out.

In the box seat against the Rockets in a series that many expect will all but crown the champions for this season, the Warriors are specials to go back-to-back-to-back.

No Kawhi, No Chance

Forget the speculation over what an injury to Kawhi Leonard might do to the Raptors and their NBA championship hopes ($13). They can’t even cope with him missing a few minutes every game.

Leonard has been great individually throughout the playoffs.

Averaging 31.5 points with a 64.5% effective field goal percentage while adding 6.9 rebounds and 3.3 assists per game, Leonard has been one of the NBA’s best post-season performers.

However, his teammates haven’t come to the party. Leonards on/off numbers throughout this series against the 76ers have been jaw-droppingly bad from a Raptors perspective.

Game 1Game 2Game 3Series
Kawhi On-Court126.0101.2105.4110.7
Kawhi Off-Court47.835.770.854.1


The Raptors are nothing without Leonard at the moment. As soon as he leaves the floor, they turn to custard.

They got past the Magic comfortably, but they’re now 2-1 down to a 76ers team that can smell blood. Meanwhile, speculation is already rife that Leonard has one foot out the door and is on his way to Los Angeles. This series might be over sooner rather than later.

NBA Highlight Of The Week

Game 3: Blazers vs Nuggets

  • Final score: 140-137
  • First quadruple overtime game in the NBA playoffs since 1953
  • It went so long, ESPN 2 in the U.S. started showing its replay of the game before it finished
  • Nikola Jokic played 65 minutes while CJ McCollum played 60

The whole game is a highlight: