We’re now two weeks into the 2019-20 NBA season and only one team remains unbeaten. Meanwhile, Unders is the flavour of the day so far for Total punters.

Drummond’s Dominance Guiding Pistons

Andre Drummond is on one to start the 2019-20 NBA season and he’s giving life to the idea of the Detroit Pistons cracking the playoffs.

While the Pistons are 3-4 at the moment, Drummond is keeping the team afloat while they battle injuries. Blake Griffin is yet to feature this season. However, he isn’t too far away from taking to the court.

In the meantime, Drummond has dropped three consecutive 20-20 games against the Raptors (21pts, 22rebs), Bulls (25pts, 24rebs) and Nets (25pts, 20rebs).

With Griffin expected back soon and more injuries popping up while he waits, Drummond isn’t letting Detroit’s record get out of hand.

Woebegone Warriors

They were considered one of the best teams in NBA history 12 months ago.

Now, the Golden State Warriors 1-5 and in the conversation for the worst team in the league.

This tweet sums things up in Golden State best:

Cashing In On The Unders

While the Houston Rockets and Washington Wizards played out one of the highest-scoring games in NBA history last week, it’s the Unders punters that are cashing in.

In non-overtime games so far this season, the Unders is coming in at a 61% clip. It’s a stark difference to what was happening at this point during the 2018-19 season. Through the first three weeks of that season, the Overs came in at 55%.

We will see a regression at some stage, but keep an eye on the Unders for the time being.

76ers Remain Unbeaten

The Philadelphia 76ers are the last unbeaten team left in the NBA.

Not every win has been pretty, but their closest might be the best of the lot. Beating the Portland Trail Blazers 129-128 without Joel Embiid is the surest sign yet that this team will compete for the championship. Their depth has been one of the bigger talking points. However, they’re getting plenty out of their role players and can be confident when playing with injuries or while resting key starters.

Flying Philly have shortened for the NBA title to come in from their season-opening $12 to $8.

They look to extend their winning streak to six games against the Suns on Tuesday as $1.85 and -1.5 favourites.

NBA ATS Standings

The Phoenix Suns are doing it best for handicap punters at the moment. The Suns!

It’s been a while since anybody has wanted to put their hard-earned on this rabble but they’re producing the goods at the moment. Overachieving without Deandre Ayton to be 4-2 straight up, the Suns sit atop the NBA ATS Standings.

Meanwhile, the Houston Rockets have yet to do anything for their backers. They have a chance as -3.5 favourites against the Miami Heat to start repaying the faith.

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