Whilst NBA spread bets tend to attract the majority of the action, there is also plenty of value to be had in the totals market. Given the offensive nature of the modern NBA, betting the over has become increasingly popular among punters. As such, we’ve identified 5 teams that have been consistently cashing tickets for over backers this season.

Washington Wizards

The Wizards have been an absolute dream for NBA over backers this season. They’ve gone 41-26-1 towards the over this season, a very impressive 61.2%.

This was capped off by an incredible month of February, where each of their 10 games went over. Part of this can definitely be attributed to the season-ending injury suffered by John Wall at the end of 2018.

Punters have seemingly overrated the impact of Wall on Washington’s offensive output. Other playmakers like Bradley Beal, Trevor Ariza, and Tomas Satoransky have all stepped up and helped the Wizards play at a faster pace.

Whilst they’ve gone under in 3 of their last 4, Wizards overs have been a gem all season. Especially against another fast-paced side in Charlotte tomorrow, I expect another huge total to be put up.

San Antonio Spurs

Another very profitable side for over backers this season has been the San Antonio Spurs. Whilst this may surprise a lot of punters, they’ve been a solid 39-28-1 towards the over this campaign.

An interesting thing about the Spurs is that they’ve been incredibly streaky so far. Between January 23rd and February 24th, they went an astounding 12-1 towards the over, providing great value for punters.

As soon as that streak ended, they’ve proceeded to go under in 6 of their last 7 NBA contests. Given their streaky nature this season, the value may just have shifted towards backing the over again.

Coupled with their strong 6-game winning streak, the Spurs have emerged as a potential dark horse in the Western Conference. With a relatively low total of 216.5 against New York tomorrow, it might just be time to reverse the recent Spurs under streak.

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Atlanta Hawks

In addition to being a sneaky fun team to watch, the Atlanta Hawks have also filled up the wallets of over backers this season. They’ve gone 39-30 against the number this season, a very solid 56.5%.

Things have especially ticked up of late, with 6 overs in their last 8 contests. A lot of this can be attributed to the exciting young duo of Trae Young and John Collins.

These two young men have formed a very impressive partnership and have combined to average 38 points this season. With Young pushing the pace, Hawks NBA games have generally trended over 230 points this season.

Even as their totals continue to increase, I expect this Hawks side to keep rising to the challenge. Starting with Boston on Sunday, Atlanta should continue being one of the best bets for over backers for the remainder of the season.

Charlotte Hornets

Whilst the Hawks have been a fun team to watch this season, Charlotte has been incredibly frustrating for their fans. One of the few groups of people who likely enjoy watching the Hornets play is over backers.

They’ve cashed a very solid 56.1% of tickets this season en route to a 37-29-1 record. Needing only 52.38% to achieve profitability, this is a strong season-long trend that has gone under the radar.

A likely reason for this is the change in style Charlotte has undergone this season. Former Coach Steve Clifford was rather defensive in his approach and preferred a slow-paced offence.

New coach James Borrego has switched things up, often opting for 3-guard lineups and a much higher pace. They’ve been especially potent offensively of late, going over in 5 of their last 7 NBA contests.

With Kemba Walker doing all he can to lead a late playoff push, I expect the overs to continue coming in for Charlotte backers. Starting against the aforementioned Wizards tomorrow, this should be a good bet the rest of the way.

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Minnesota Timberwolves

Whilst things haven’t gone to plan for the Wolves on the court this season, they’ve been a solid choice for over backers nonetheless. They’ve gone 37-29-2 against the number this season, giving them the same 56% record as Charlotte.

This can be largely attributable to a late push where they’ve gone over in 7 of their last 8 NBA games. Similar to the Spurs, they’ve been a relatively streaky side in terms of totals this season.

Before this recent streak, they had a 13-game period where they went a miserable 1-12 towards the over. This was followed by an excellent streak in late December, where they went over in 10 straight contests.

Their recent uptick in form can be attributed largely to the play of Karl-Anthony Towns. Since making it through a horiffic car crash last month, he has been a monster on the court.

With 40-point double-doubles in 2 of his last 4 games, I expect his form to continue as he pushes for an All-NBA spot. This is great news for Wolves over backers, who should continue cashing tickets starting with Houston on Monday.


Whilst most of these sides are out of the NBA playoff mix, they still represent plenty of value for Over backers. They each bring an exciting style of play that makes for the perfect combination of fun basketball and winning tickets.

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