While the Bills continue to be considered the best team in the NFL, the Eagles are flying towards them while the Cowboys also make in-roads into becoming Super Bowl contenders.

Panthers Robbed

The Carolina Panthers picked up the surprise win in Week 7 and only a farcical excessive celebration flag stopped them from picking up another in Week 8.

Down 28-34 to the Atlanta Falcons with only 25 seconds remaining, P.J. Walker threw a 62-yard bomb into the endzone. D.J. Moore completed the miraculous catch and celebrated accordingly. His team, after everything they have been through in recent weeks, just won another game on a catch with an 11.5% completion probability.

Moore celebrated by taking his helmet off. Nothing sinister. He didn’t get into the face of an opposing player. If we’re calling it taunting then we may as well watch robots. Still, the referee in all his power threw a flag forcing the extra point back to the 48-yard line. Eddy Pineiro missed it and the Falcons pinched the win in overtime.

The rulebook states that a player can’t remove his helmet in the field of play of the end zone. However, if we want to be that picky, we could point out that Moore wasn’t in the field of play or the end zone when he removed it.

We’ve all heard the NFL refereed to as the No Fun League. This sort of situation is why.

Eagles 7-0

The Philadelphia Eagles continue to fly high at the top of the NFL following their 35-13 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now 7-0, this is no longer an early-season purple patch. The Eagles are real and on the second line of betting to win Super Bowl LVII at $6.

A.J. Brown hasn’t been at his best but dominated this one. He caught six passes for 156 yards with three of those six coming in the end zone. In another No Fun League scenario, Brown was penalized for pointing at two grown men on his third.

Throwing all three to Brown and another to Zach Pascal, Jalen Hurts ended up with a career-high four touchdowns in Week 8. If this is only the start of his connection with Brown, the rest of the NFL need to look out. The Eagles have the easiest remaining schedule in the league and face little resistance until they play the Titans in Week 13.

Zach Wilson…

The New York Jets have impressed to start the NFL season. There is hope around the franchise that they will finally start to trend upward over a long period. However, the elephant in the room – the play of Zach Wilson – can no longer be ignored.

Wilson threw three interceptions in Week 8. His third went into quadruple coverage and never looked like being caught. Rather, Wilson looks broken. He clearly has talent, but he isn’t able to harness it to be remotely productive at the moment.

The Jets have been winning in spite of their quarterback. He hasn’t been a positive part of their recent form. Elijah Moore who was targeted only once in this one certainly isn’t pleased with his quarterback:

As a result of Wilson’s horror play, the New England Patriots picked up a much-needed 22-7 win. With it, Bill Belichick now has 325 wins (regular and postseason) to be second place on the all-time wins list.

McCaffrey Magic

We’re only two weeks in but the “Niners gave up too much” calls are already starting to go quiet.

The worst defensive performance in the Kyle Shanahan era made it impossible for Christian McCaffrey to do much of anything in Week 7. In Week 8, however, he threw a touchdown, dragged one down and ran one in as the San Francisco 49ers handled the L.A. Rams with relative ease to win 31-14.

McCaffrey is the most versatile running back in the NFL and Kyle Shanahan is a run-scheme genius. Still, few saw it all coming together quite like this so soon.

This all happened without Deebo Samuel, too. Add him to the offence along with George Kittle and the Niners can score on anybody. Return the defence to what it’s capable of and they’re legitimate Super Bowl contenders. This glimpse of what might be to come has seen them come into $11 from $13 to sin Super Bowl LVII.

Chase Out, Bengals Blown Out

The Cincinnati Bengals can’t be too worried about Ja’Marr Chase’s hip injury. After all, he has been playing with it for a little while, and you wouldn’t have known based on his play. The Bengals haven’t put him on IR and instead worked out four receivers in an attempt to fill the void for a few weeks.

It may be a long few weeks, though.

The Bengals were blown out by the Cleveland Browns 32-13 in Monday Night Football.

NFL Super Bowl LVII Odds

We’re checking in on the changes in the Super Bowl LVII Odds from Week 7 to 8.

Another loss for Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has seen them drift out from $12 to $17 to $23 over the last three weeks. There must be some regret inside Brady for coming out of retirement for this…

Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys thumped the Chicago Bears 49-29 and did so without Ezekiel Elliott. Somewhat flying under the radar behind the Eagles in the NFC East, the Cowboys are 6-2 and now on the fourth line of betting in the Super Bowl Winner market.

We’ve covered the 49ers already. They’ve had an up-and-down NFL season overall, but their price has consistently trended downward despite a handful of injuries and questionable results. Defence wins championships and the 49ers, if healthy, will be well-positioned in that regard come playoff time.

This week, the Miami Dolphins enter the Top 10. With back-to-back wins to be 5-3, they’re back in the conversation as Super Bowl smokies at $26.

Top 10 Odds

Buffalo Bills$3.60$3.30
Philadelphia Eagles$6.50$6
Kansas City Chiefs$7.50$8
San Francisco 49ers$13$11
Dallas Cowboys$18$15
Baltimore Ravens$17$17
Minnesota Vikings$17$17
Cincinnati Bengals$21$21
Tampa Bay Buccaneers$17$23
Miami Dolphins$26