The Cowboys and Cam Newton will be eager to forget Week 12 of the NFL season but Deebo Samuel had another week to remember as a makeshift running back.

Crumbling Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys started the NFL season so well but an injury to Dak Prescott stalled their development while his return hasn’t triggered an instant revival. With only a 1-3 record since Prescott’s return, the Cowboys are now 7-4 and out to $13 in the Super Bowl LVI market.

Las Vegas’ Daniel Carson slotted a 29-yard field goal in overtime to hand the Cowboys a heartbreaking 36-33 loss in Dallas. A loss that has seen questions being asked of this group after their early-season form led to thoughts of a possible Super Bowl-contending run. They’re without their two best wide receivers in Amari Cooped and CeeDee Lamb. Still, the Raiders are a side they Cowboys should beat. Especially when they suffer injury issues of their own by losing Darren Waller during the game.

A whopping 28 penalties and two ejections didn’t do a lot for the spectacle in this one. An ugly match made worse in Dallas for the loss, it’s one they need to put behind them. The Cowboys have a chance to get their season back on track as $1.37 favourites against the New Orleans Saints in Week 13.

Cam Newton Watch

We’ve kept an eye on Cam Newton for a third consecutive week after he impressed in Week 11. However, he didn’t last to the end of the Carolina Panthers’ 33-10 loss to the Miami Dolphins in Week 12. Newton was replaced by P.J. Walker with a little over 10 minutes remaining after completing just five of his 21 attempts for 92 yards, two interceptions and a 5.8 passer rating.

The 32-year-old had a tough time of it as the Panthers offensive line struggled to protect him. Nonetheless, it’s a concerning performance after how much hope people had for Newton and the Panthers last week.

Mac Jones – Very Good

It’s was lose-lose for Mac Jones from the start.

He would either struggle through his first NFL season and be labelled a bust and a flop or; he’d play well and every good part of his game would be attributed to Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots scheme.

Thankfully for Jones and the Patriots, he’s heading down the “he’s a system quarterback/he wouldn’t do this anywhere else” route.

Jones threw for a career-high 310 yards in New England’s 36-13 win over the Tennessee Titans. He isn’t a quarterback that typically picks up a lot of yards in the air. Instead, the Pats QB tops all rookies in yards after catch. But when the defence presents itself as one that can be beaten in the air, Belichick and the Patriots make them pay.

It’s New England’s third straight win by 20 points. The only other rookie and team to do that in NFL history was Russell Wilson and the Seahawks in 2012. They’re also 5-0 on the road and 6-1 against AFC opponents, which as we know by looking around the league at other rookie quarterbacks, that isn’t what usually happens.

The Patriots weren’t even in the conversation to start November. Now they’re into the sixth line of betting to win Super Bowl LVI at $12.

Another, Another Stafford Pick-Six

Matthew Stafford threw a pick-six in a Los Angeles Rams loss three games ago.

He didn’t again last week.

And again this week…

The Rams looked like a potential Super Bowl contending team earlier in the season. However, with Stafford on the slide and three straight defeats to their name, the Rams are out to $13.