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NFL – Analyising The Biggest Rivalries

The NFL has been blessed with some of the great rivalries in all of sport, but new rivalries continue to develop with the 2022 season no different.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears: The NFL’s Oldest

They are the two oldest teams in the NFL and in Week 13, the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears will meet for the 206th time.

This meeting will set a new record for the most wins in NFL history with both currently tied at 786.

Both were founded in 1919 but the rivalry began in 1921 as the Bears shut out the Packers 20-0. The Packers and Bears have played each other in all but two seasons since with Chicago the dominant force throughout. However, more recently in 2017, the Packers took a lead in the overall record and will enter this Week 13 fixture at 104-95-6. While the two teams originally played for the first time in 1921, the heat of the rivalry started to burn three years later. Frank Hanny and Tillie Voss became the first players in NFL history to be ejected from a contest for exchanging punches.

Hanny and Voss are two unheralded names but essential to the rivalry nonetheless. Still, it’s Vince Lombardi, George Halas, Walter Payton, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers that you think about most when thinking about the longest rivalry in the league.

The expectation is for the Packers to end Week 13 with the most wins in NFL history as $1.64 and -2.5 favourites. Although, we asked the question in the Week 12 review: Do you ride with Rodgers until you’re no longer a mathematical chance, or cut your losses and plan for next season?


Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills: The Rivalry of the Era

Every era has its rivalry.

Fast-forward 100 years since the Packers and Bears kicked things off and the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills are creating something special. More specifically, Patrick Mahomes v Josh Allen.

The latest playoff chapter became an instant classic. Trading punches and combining for 707 passing yards, 137 rushing yards, seven passing touchdowns and a rushing touchdown, Mahomes and Allen put on a show. In the end, the Chiefs came out on top in overtime, but the game left little doubt that this would be one of the NFL’s best rivalries for the next decade.

The Chiefs are no doubt in front. For the Bills to get anywhere close to their level they will need to win a Super Bowl (currently $5 favourites). Mahomes is already a Most Valuable Player award winner, the favourite to win it this year, and expected to go down as one of the best quarterbacks of all time. Still, Allen won’t go through his NFL career without handling an MVP. The gap will close eventually.

Buffalo has already started to make a dent. They won the Week 6 matchup between these two to be 2-3 since 2020. While there was a gap in the schedule as the Chiefs and Bills went the three years prior without a head-to-head game, that’s not going to happen again any time soon. Instead, we will spend every year hoping for a second game in the playoffs. With both sitting alongside each other on the first line of betting to win Super Bowl LVII at $5, we’re looking good for another one in early 2023.

Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals: In Progress

This one is new.

It may not even end up being a rivalry quite like the others. Still, their recent history makes this Week 13 matchup a must-watch.

The Chiefs will be out for revenge as $1.75 and -2.5 favourites this week. On their way to a third-consecutive Super Bowl last season, Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals completed an incredible comeback to win the Conference Championship 27-24 in overtime. They erased an 18-point deficit to tie as the largest comeback in an AFC title game. When it looked as though the Chiefs would cruise through to another Super Bowl, the young Bengals fired up. It’s a loss that will still sting Mahomes, in particular.

“When you’re up 21-3 at any point in the game, you can’t lose it. I put that on myself,” Mahomes said following the loss.

Cincinnati comes into this rematch on a roll. They’ve won three on the bounce and may yet have Ja’Marr Chase returning for Week 13. The defence kept control of Derrick Henry last week while the offensive line provided Burrow with all of the time and space he needed to lead them to victory. The Chiefs are a different beast, though.


New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles: The Greatest

Historically, none come bigger than the New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles.

It has been called the greatest rivalry in NFL history, and while it has waned slightly recently, both teams are trending upwards and threatening to reignite the contest in the coming years.

This one dates back to 1933. Like the Packers and Bears above, it’s incredibly close with the Eagles collecting 90 wins to the Giants’ 88. The home-and-home series every year ensures regular rematches, and while they might not headline the week every time, it’s a fixture both fans have circled on the calendar.

Who could forget “the punt return game” or “Miracle at the New Meadowlands” as one of the best games, not only of this rivalry, but in NFL history?

The rivalry between these two isn’t only on the field. Philadelphia was accused of tanking their Week 17 game in 2021 to move three spots up the NFL Draft. Reportedly “livid”, that move forced the Giants to trade down to the 20th pick where they selected Kadarius Toney.

The next on-field instalment of this rivalry comes in Week 14.



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