The 2019-20 NBA season ticks over another week. Despite it usually being a quiet period for the league, there is plenty still going on. Zion alert!

Grizzlies Going Nuts

We talked about Ja Morant ending the Rookie of the Year race last week. It’s over. The award is his. Now at $1.20, only a season-ending injury can take the trophy from Morant. His price has fallen yet again thanks to a Memphis Grizzlies seven-game winning streak.

Out of now where, the Grizzlies have jumped into the 8th seed with a 20-22 record – two games ahead of the Suns at 9th. The winning streak included six consecutive covers against the spread.

Led by the favourite for the ROY, the Grizzlies have the best young core in the NBA.

Zion Debut

It’s happening!

Zion Williamson is finally making his NBA debut on Thursday.

Once the pre-season ROY favourite, he’s still on the board at $11. However, the 38 games Williamson has available would be the fewest games played by a ROY winner in NBA history if he can pull it off. Patrick Ewing (1985-86) and Vince Carter (1998-99) played 50 games in their ROY-winning seasons.

Smart Made How Many Three’s?

Marcus Smart entered the NBA as a defensive bulldog. Scoring had never been his focus, but this season, he’s scoring 12.5 points per game shooting an impressive 35.5% from beyond the arc. You can’t ignore him on the perimeter. Although, somebody forgot to tell the Phoenix Suns on Sunday.

Smart knocked a Boston Celtics franchise-record 11 three-pointers in the 123-119 loss.

Five Teams Chasing Playoffs

The Grizzlies (20-22) occupy 8th in the Western Conference right now, but four other teams are hot on their tail.

The Suns (18-24), San Antonio Spurs (17-23), Portland Trail Blazers (18-26) and even the New Orleans Pelicans (16-27) are all chasing what looks like the only spot that will be available in the West.

While the Grizzlies lead the pack now, the Suns have won back-to-back games to make a run, the Spurs are Spurs’ing their way up the standings, the Blazers have their moments with Melo, and the Pelicans have Williamson to add.

It’s fairly clear-cut at the top of the West with the Lakers head and shoulders above the rest right now. However, the race for the playoffs will provide punters with plenty off opportunities to get on meaningful games right through to the final week of the season.

Highlight Play of the Week

Oh my, JaVale McGee.

Strangely enough, the highlight play came in a Los Angeles Lakers loss. They fell 119-118 to the Orlando Magic with Markelle Fultz ending the game with a triple-double (21 pts, 11 rebs, 10 ast).

NBA ATS Standings

Despite covering the spread in back-to-back for just the second time since the beginning of December, the Detroit Pistons remain at the bottom of the NBA’s Against the Spread Ladder. Meanwhile, four covers in five games were enough for the Denver Nuggets to lift themselves out of the Bottom 8.

Pacers23-18-1Trail Blazers16-26-2