The Hornets are picking up the slack left by Steph Curry’s shooting slump in the entertainment market. Meanwhile, we have a new favourite for NBA MVP.

Hornets Flying High

The Charlotte Hornets are yet to cement themselves as a really good team while 28-22 for 7th in the Eastern Conference. They’re a little inconsistent and play the odd game that leaves you scratching your head. However, they’re undoubtedley one of the most entertaining.

It’s usually LaMelo Ball dropping dimes or Miles Bridges dropping jaws with his athleticism, but as the Hornets piled up a whopping 158 points on the Indianna Pacers, it was Kelly Oubre leaving fans speechless.

Oubre finished up with 39 points hitting ten of 15 three’s as the Hornets thrashed the Pacers 158-126. Meanwhile, Ball collected another triple-double with 29 points, 10 rebounds and 12 assists. It’s a good reflection of how good this Hornets team can be on their night. Although, allowing Russell Westbrook to score 30 points in the second half for the Los Angeles Lakers to mount a massive comeback came as a timely reminder of just how far this team has to go if they’re to start playing the sort of consistent basketball required of championship contenders.

Speaking Of Comebacks…

The LA Clippers completed one of the best this season as the Washington Wizards collapsed in front of their eyes.

The Clippers outscored the Wizards 80-49 in the second half of their 116-115 win. Even late in the game when the Clippers came to within touching distance, it looked as though the Wizards had done just enough to secure the win to have a win probability of 99.9% with 1:18 left in the fourth quarter.

Luke Kennard had other ideas, though.

With seven points in nine seconds including a game-winning four-point play, Kennard snatched victory from the jaws of defeat to leave the Wizards left wondering just how they’d let this one slip.

Splitting the week 2-2 overall, the Clippers are still below .500 at 23-24 but are hanging on to a play-in spot in the Western Conference. This is with Kawhi Leonard still yet to feature this season and with Paul George also nursing an injury. They’re not far off…

Should Leonard return relatively fit and George hits the ground running following his absence, LA’s current $39 to win the NBA championship appeals. Unlike previous seasons where the Clippers have talked the talked before walking the walk, this group is going about their businss. Perhaps even flying under the championship radar?


Steph Curry is the greatest shooter in NBA history and the best player on a team sitting 2nd in the Western Conference. However, even the best of all time go through shooting slumps. Curry’s jaw-dropping numbers to date are also what makes his current slump so noticable.

Shooting only 36.5% from the field with one game left in January, this will be the first calendar month in Curry’s career that he has shot below 40% (min 100 FGA).

One hot month could be enough to put Curry back in front, but right now, he has lost his favouritism in the NBA’s Most Valuable Player market to be on the fourth line of betting at $5.

Quietly going about his business as the Philadelpha 76ers rise up to 3rd in the Eastern Conference, Joel Embiid is the new $3.60 favourite behind averages of 28.9 points, 10.7 rebounds, 4.3 assists and 1.5 blocks per game.


Joel Embiid$3.60
Giannis Antetokounmpo$4.33
Nikola Jokic$4.50
Steph Curry$5
Ja Morant$11
LeBron James$16
Kevin Durant$31
Devin Booker$36
DeMar DeRozan$41
Luka Doncic$51

Keeping An Eye On The Celtics

The Boston Celtics are a frustraing example of piling up picks and assuming a rebuild will be successful being a dangerous path to go down. However, despite their shortcomings in recent seasons, they still have Jayson Tatum to build around.

He’s been slow to start the 2021-22 NBA season and he has found himself in trade discussions alongside Jaylen Brown. Still, he can put up numbers in a hurry and is beginning to catch fire. At 25-25 for 8th in the East, the Celtics might not be first round fodder just yet.

Watch this space.