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Devin Haney v Ryan Garcia Boxing Preview

Boxing is in for another blockbuster event as Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia prepare to enter the ring in Brooklyn.

Devin Haney takes on Ryan Garcia this week in another massive event in boxing for 2024.

Haney, the former undisputed lightweight champion and current WBC super lightweight champion, will defend his belt against the lively Garcia at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn.

The pair have a long history. They fought six times as amateurs, splitting the record at 3-3. But this is the first time they will meet as professionals and they’re setting the scene for a tense fight on the night.

Haney is a significant favourite. He’s the better fighter, has the better record, and has simply looked better in every way over the last 12 months. Meanwhile, Garcia’s actions out of the ring have had people questioning his mental state leading into this fight. Regardless, he’s a proven performer despite his recent loss and will put on a show if nothing else.

Devin Haney

Age: 25
Height: 5’8
Reach: 72″
Record: 31-0

Devin Haney is the deserving $1.11 favourite heading into this one. He remains undefeated after fighting twice last year and is one of the premier pound-for-pound fighters in boxing.

There was some controversay around Haney’s win over Vasyl Lomachneko, but you get that in boxing. No close fight is controversay-free when it goes to the cards and social media has their say. However, there was no such problem in Haney’s win over Regis Prograis.

“I will not only beat him, but I will beat him up. I will hurt this kid. It’s nothing he can do that’s going to stop me from dominating. It’s going to be a massacre. Again, I will hurt him.” – Regis Prograis

It didn’t happen for Prograis. As expected, Haney handled Prograis with relative ease, leaving little for the doubters to win 120-107 of all three scorecards.

Boxing becoming known as the ‘sweet science’ is down to fighters like Haney. He’s a master craftsman. His movements make things look easy whether throwing or evading punches. Haney isn’t the most powerful puncher – he’s not ended a fight with a stoppage since 2019. But he connects with regularity while his opposition struggles to register with the judges.

His style matches up nicely with Garcia, too. Haney’s focus on hitting without getting hit positions him well as a counterpuncher to Garcia’s flurries.

Haney is superior in almost every way, but won’t be immune to Garcia’s power. If he can navigate the fight as he should without getting caught with anything powerful, Haney can make it look easy.

Ryan Garcia

Age: 25
Height: 5’8
Reach: 70″
Record: 24-1

Ryan Garcia is one of the most entertaining fighers in boxing. He’s not everybodies cup of tea outside of the ring, but few doubt his ability in it.

He did suffer his first defeat just last year, though. He was outclassed by Tank Davis. In the end, Davis dropped Garcia in the 8th round to end it. While Garcia did the same to Oscar Duarte in his next fight, the way in which he was dismantled by Davis is a concern heading into this fight.

Garcia is saying all of the right things. He wants to rewrite the narratives that surround him and doesn’t think people should be surprised if he knocks Haney out with a straight right…

Garcia is known for his knockout power. He’s picked up 20 of his 24 wins via knockout throughout his professional career. His ability to produce rapid combinations will test Haney’s highly-touted evasiveness.

No stone will be left unturned and no punch not thrown in Garcia’s quest to cause an upset as a $7 underdog. However, he opens himself up defensively. While he might be able to land some of the harder punches throughout the fight, it’s likely that Haney lands more often and better positions himself in the minds of the judges throughout a round.

It’s the biggest fight of Garcia’s boxing career to date. He deserves his shot and has a nice enough resume to justify his place in the corner opposite Haney. But the cards are stacked against him given his recent performances inside and outside of the ring.

Devin Haney v Ryan Garcia Boxing Tips

“I’m levels above this dude. He’s a C-level fighter. I’m an A+ fighter and I’m going to show it,” said Haney in the build up.

It’s hard to argue with him, really.

Garica might be more well-known overall. He has the social media presense and the more highlight reel-worthy punching power. However, Haney has the far more impressive boxing resume. He’s an A+ fighter. He has beaten each and every figher on that resume, too.

The two couldn’t be coming into this one from more opposite angles. Garcia is constatntly in the news, uploading to social media, and keeping himself relevant out of the ring.

Haney, on the other hand, isn’t worried about entertaining. He only worries about winning and is expected to do so here as a significant $1.11 favourite. His jab will cause Garcia problems. Haney’s boxing IQ is far superior and his defensive prowess goes a long way to negating Garcia’s punching power.

It might not be a highlightreel fight. Casual boxing fans might be left wanting by the end of it. But if things go as expected, Haney’s class will shine through for a comfortable win.



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